The projects

The projects

Health Centre
extension project

The extension was 7400 square feet with multiple offices, board rooms, kitchens, washrooms.

The project also included other repairs in the old part of the health center like: Changing some floors, making more kitchens, changed some flooring, and changed all the ceiling throughout the entire building.

We made some sidewalks, curbs and landscaping outside the health center.

Arena extension

The extension was 2350 square feet with 2 dressing rooms, washrooms with showers.

We also made room for bleachers in the arena behind the players bench.

Seniors home project

The project was approximately 7000 square feet and it included changing all shingles on the roof, changed all windows and doors and all flooring.


The Triplex is 2880 square feet and each apartment had 2 bedrooms, kitchen, washroom, living room and a maintance room. Each apartment also had an air exchanger.

We also did the land scaping around the triplex.

Our garage

TFN Construction L.P. garage of 4000 square feet with 5 garage doors in which we installed:

A compressor with all the plumbing in the garage.

A winch for vans and cars

A tire changer and balancer

Pneumatic tools, pneumatic cylinders and all necessary workshop tools


We built 2 duplexes and each duplex is 1850 square feet.

In each duplex it also has 2 bed rooms, kitchen, washroom, living room and a maintance room.

We also did the landscaping around both duplexes.

Each unit has air exchangers.

Other projects

We also do minor and major repairs in the community like:

Building decks.

Changing shingles on roofs.

Change siding, windows and doors.

Redesigning office buildings.