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Respect the deadlines, respect the budgets, respect the communities,
respect the environment !

TNF construction L.P.

About us

TFN Construction’s L.P. mission is to position itself as the leader in construction and related services with permanent facilities on aboriginal Anishnabe land and whose operations enable communities to draw additional benefits from their investments.

We also want to supervise and train «apprentice carpenters» in order that obtain the necessary qualification and give to younger some interesting job opportunities.

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The projects

The projects

Health centre extension project

The extension was 7400 square feet with multiple offices, board rooms, kitchens, washrooms.

Arena extension project

The extension was 2350 square feet with 2 dressing rooms, washrooms with showers

Seniors home project

The project was approximately 7000 square feet and it included changing all shingles on the roof, changed all windows and doors and all flooring.

Respect the deadlines, respect the budgets, respect the communities, respect the environment !

Our partners

Our partners



Through the joint venture, we are providing a large-scale construction services, including office buildings, warehouses, multi-dwellings, public works.

The joint-venture allow us to maintain the highest standards of service in the commercial construction industry.

TFN Construction L.P. will use a dual strategy to develop the market in Abitibi Témiscamingue and the First Nations in northeastern Ontario.

i. For the construction of single-family homes in First Nations communities a strategy based on the expertise and ability of Widjikiwe Construction to build within tight budgets;

ii. For the construction of multi-housing, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings, in First Nations and non-First Nations communities, a strategy based on a partnership with Construction Benoit Doyon.

Our team

Our team

Bill Polson

Manager TFN Construction L.P.

The Manager oversees all contracts concentrated on cost control, day-to-day operations and project supervision to ensure that the company has adequate resources

Email: Widjikiwe.Foreman@atfn.ca

Phone: 705-622-2386.